Stone Wall Veneers, Stone Cladding, Stone Facing

Don’t get the generic, out of the box, lick and stick faux rock.  Let the vertical decorative concrete artisans from Accent Curbz create for you a unique, hand carved masterpiece.  We call it stone facing and wall cladding.

You may be more familiar with these terms….Stone Wall Veneers, Wall Stone Cladding, Faux Stone Facing, Faux Rock Creations, Faux Wood Creations, Artificial Rock Panels, Artificial Rock Sheeting, Artificial Stone Panels, Lick and Stick Alternative:

Whatever name we choose to call it, hand sculpted stone and rock from Accent Curbz looks amazing in architectural integrity, texture, reliefing, and color.

Imagine your home transformed into old world charm with dramatic rock archway creations, “stone” walls, aged or distressed “wood” accents.

Recreate your storm shelter, wine cellar, recreation room, man cave or outdoor living room into a masterpiece retreat you share with your privileged guests.  Your guests will marvel at the artistry and realism.

Stone facing from Accent Curbz gives you realistic 3-d effect of stacked stone.  Accent Curbz decorative concrete artisans sculpt stone out of the vertical concrete mix applied to the walls.  Our vertical concrete artisans relief, texture and color the faux stone.  The result is “wow”!

See work from vertical artisans around the world for ideas to recreate your home.

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