Retaining Walls The Beauty of Stone Strength of Concrete

Let the strength and durability of hand-crafted, specially-designed concrete not only enhance the aesthetic value of your home, but provide the structural support you need as well.

Here in the Ozarks of Southwest Missouri we know the value and importance of retaining walls in preventing erosion, defining the contour of the landscape and grade, creating additional useable outdoor living space and enhancing the beauty of nature.

When considering a retaining wall, there are so many choices such traditional masonry, stacked stone, railroad ties, interlocking blocks or concrete. When you think concrete, do you think cold, harsh and gray? Well, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Concrete is one of the most basic of building materials; yet, it can be one of the most beautiful. It can be shaped, molded, colored and textured. Its uses are only limited by our imaginations.

Our unique StoneMakers process allows our artisans to “stack,” sculpt, carve, texture and color concrete into a natural looking stone wall in a fraction of the time any other wall would take to build… and at an affordable cost.

We build your retaining walls that look great and are built to last! Our solid construction retaining walls don’t provide nooks for insects and animals, or crevices for weeds to grow either.

Our Accent Curbz team can build your retaining walls within days. Yes, within days, you can have your retaining wall. This saves you money and spares you a lengthy interruption of your daily activities due to construction.