Accent Curbz Landscape Edging

Why should you choose accent curbz as your landscape edging?

Accent Curbz is a custom-fit, seamless concrete border for your landscaping, trees and flowerbeds. This continuous edging is a permanent and effective grass and weed barrier made of crack-resistant concrete.  Accent Curbz is reinforced with aircraft cable to resist heaving and separation from freeze and thaw.  Accent Curbz is available in colors and stamp patterns to enhance your home.

Accent Curbz Lawn Edging will compliment and enhance the beauty of your home.

Are you having trouble keeping the grass out of the garden or the mulch off the grass?  Accent Curbz helps retain mulch and decorative rock in the bedding areas.

Accent Curbz won’t rust like steel, decompose like wood, break like plastic, or move like brick.  Traditional landscape borders such as Metal Edging, Plastic Edging, bricks, pavers, railroad ties, wood and wood timbers all fail. They break, pop out, rust and rot. They become unsightly and unsafe.  Instead, get the permanent edge that lasts with Accent Curbz. Spend more in your yard, not on your yard!

Accent Curbz designs & installs decorative concrete curbing. Our designers will

  • listen to your ideas,
  • create your landscape border edging layout and
  • help you choose from an array of style selections including
    • profiles,
    • colors, &
    • stamp patterns to compliment your home or business.

Accent Curbz craftsmen skillfully install your decorative concrete edging contouring to hillsides, curving gracefully around your landscape, circling trees. Accent curbz edging is perfect for flat yards as well as terraced or hilly yards.

LOOK AT ALL THE GREAT REASONS for using curbing in your yard! Use our concrete edging to accent areas in your residential or commercial landscape. Enhance your pathways, driveways, and lawns; use concrete edging for car parking curbs, mower edges, and playground edging borders.

Decorative concrete edging is a beautiful and durable accent to your existing commercial or residential landscape.  Accent Curbz’s landscape edging is a smart choice because it is:

  • looks great
  • functional
  • reduces yard work
  • reduces string trimming
  • retains mulch and decorative rock
  • increases property value
  • environmentally friendly
  • available for commercial and residential use, and
  • complimentary to accent existing landscape
  • does not disturb existing landscape
  • reinforced with aircraft cable to resist heaving and separation from freeze and thaw
  • installed within a day

Ready to increase your home’s curb appeal?  Call Accent Curbz.