Installation Photos

Accent Curbz preps and installs most landscape edging jobs in just one day!


Our Accent Curbz designer paints lines on the ground to indicate placement of the edging. Then, an Accent Curbz team member removes sod with a sod cutter. (As pictured, we are also removing sod out of the bedding area for the homeowner as requested).
After the sod is removed the sod and the ground is prepped, team members are ready to install accent curbz landscape edging.
Accent Curbz decorative concrete curbing “recipe” is mixed onsite. If you have selected a color, the color is added to the mix. Our color process applies the color to the landscape curbing by mixing the color directly into the wet cement, coloring the curb all the way through.
The accent curbz concrete is fed into the curbing machine.
The landscape curbing is extruded along with our aircraft cable reinforcement.
Our accent curbz borders are hand finished.
Accent color release is applied to the decorative concrete edging and the stamp pattern applied.
Expansion joints are applied to allow for the freeze and thaw of the ground.
Final product…beautiful continuous concrete accent curbz landscape edging!

Get the Edge that Lasts! Accent Curbz.