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When you think of concrete, you think of cold and ugly, right?  How can Accent Curbz Hardscaping look so warm and inviting?  Concrete is amazingly versatile medium from which to create.  Creative designs are endless from the form and color to the texture.  Our skilled artisans can simulate natural materials to the very contemporary.  Concrete can be carved, textured, colored, stamped, polished, stained and embellished.

Looks amazing, sounds great, but it must be expensive, right?  No, Accent Curbz decorative cementitious creations are affordable because we are able to simulate natural rock (or timber) in form, texture and color in whatever size you envision.  Plus, we are able to create, build, and color on site saving you time and money.  Imagine wanting a 30 ton boulder in your fenced backyard.  Not only would you have the expense of the boulder, but would you want to hoist that over your roof or remove your fence?

Decorative concrete projects probably take a long time to complete, huh?  No, not at all.  Most of our hardscape design projects are completed within days whereas alternative methods of construction would take weeks or months.  This is a huge savings in not only time, but money (reduced labor costs) and stress.  After all, who enjoys living in a construction zone?

How strong is your concrete?  Our StoneMakers design hardscapes have twenty-eight day stress testing reaching as much as 8500 psi (pounds per square inch) while our Accent Curbz landscape edging tests have achieved 3500 psi, which is normal driveway strength.  What this means for you is, Accent Curbz outdoor living and interior stonework are constructed to withstand the test of time, weather and lifestyle.

Will your concrete crack?  Of course, it’s concrete.  The secret is for the concrete to crack where it is designed to crack, in the expansion joints.  We understand the effects of freeze and thaw here in the Ozarks, and our methods,  reinforcement systems, and additives help reduce cracking.

Do you stand behind your work?  Yes!  We want you to love your Accent Curbz Hardscaping and refer all your friends, family and acquaintances.  We warranty our work against defects in workmanship for one year.

This sounds like something new, how can I trust your work?  Accent Curbz method of working with concrete is revolutionary but these unique methods and proprietary mix designs have been developed and tested by Stonemakers for over 25 years.  Our continuous cementitious landscape borders were first created in Australia in 1978 and have continued to be enhanced with new developments in additives, stamp pattern designs, techniques, and Accent Curbz aircraft cable reinforcement.

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