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Accent Curbz decorative concrete encompasses products and installation for both interior and exterior living spaces. We service both residential and commercial clients in southwest Missouri including Springfield, Branson and Joplin. Our artisans transforms both horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces into aesthetically pleasing focal points. As I explain further, you’ll see how Accent Curbz embraces the full spectrum of true decorative concrete.

Concrete is one of the most versatile of all construction materials. With today’s technology, concrete isn’t “just concrete”. Different mix designs, polymers, processes and coloring systems allow accent curbz concrete artisans to mold, shape, and carve concrete. The advancements in decorative concrete enable our team to restore, renew and completely change the look of vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces with coatings.

Earlier in life, when I thought of decorative concrete, the only images that came to my mind were colored and stamped concrete horizontal surfaces such as driveways, patios and sidewalks.

To see a broader spectrum of applications of decorative concrete, let’s visualize a tour of a home that incorporates the green attributes, longevity and beauty of concrete to the fullest.
As we drive through the neighborhood, our eyes are drawn to the home with the most curb appeal. This home’s yard has a well thought out landscape design enhanced further with accent curbz landscape edging. This homeowner appreciates how accent curbz borders accentuate the home and flower beds, retains mulch and decorative gravel, and reduces string trimming time.

We navigate our car onto the driveway. This driveway beckons us to visit this home. This decorative concrete driveway is integrally colored and stamped. The homeowner understands the importance of protecting their investment, so the have accent curbz clean and seal their decorative concrete regularly to protect their driveway from uv light, freeze and thaw, and deicer exposure.

The garage doors are open and we see a well organized and clean garage. Did you see that garage floor? Wow! The homeowners were tired of the continual dust coming out of the concrete floor, the tire tracks, and slippery surface when wet. So, they called Accent Curbz. Accent Curbz installed an EliteCrete garage floor system using an epoxy resin coating with color flakes. Oh, how I love those metallic pigments and mica flakes. Now, the homeowners enjoy a garage floor that looks great, is easy to clean, and slip resistant.

We start to walk up the sidewalk and we notice the inviting texture and color of the sidewalk, steps, and front patio. Accent Curbz overlaid these concrete surface with a troweled down micro top coating. The micro top protects the concrete from the seasonal elements, is salt and deicer resistant,and compliments the homes’ colors and architecture.

The decorative concrete community and Accent Curbz refer to these coatings over existing concrete as concrete resurfacing, micro tops or micro toppings, coatings, garage floor systems and basement floor systems. Also, we use the term concrete restoration.

We enter the front door into the living room. The floor finish is seamless; it is a beautiful brass and coffee color with “movement”. I’m drawn to the fireplace and as I walk across the floor, I realize it’s not slippery as I add first expected. I remember this is a walkout basement home; isn’t this type of floor system only used on concrete? Accent Curbz used EliteCrete’s flexible epoxy floor system allowing them install on the wooden subfloor. What a great choice for flooring. Non allergenic, easy to clean, and scratch resistant.

As I take a closer look at that fireplace, I’m greeted by the family’s dogs. No worries about the floor’s durability. The fireplace is stone with a beautiful arched alcove above the wooded beam mantle. The homeowner comes over and shows me a hidden drawer in the fireplace stone wall surround. I then realize this isn’t stone at all! The artisans at Accent Curbz used a special polymer concrete mix design to carve a stone veneer around the fireplace, built a secret drawer, and craft that “wooden” mantle beam. The stone arch and the fireplace stone wall all look authentic, three dimensional, and architecturally correct! Wow, now that’s decorative concrete!

As we stroll into the kitchen, I focus immediately on the breath taking rock countertops…I mean polished concrete countertops with a rough rock edge. The color of the countertops compliment the kitchen beautifully and unlike granite, there is no radon exposure. Accent Curbz concrete artisans can cast the countertops or form in place.

Next, we take the stairs down to the walkout basement, here the homeowner has an easy care, non allergenic, and beautiful polished concrete floors. Accent Curbz polished the concrete, added color and decorative edge. The homeowner never has to worry about damaged flooring if there ever have moisture issues in the basement!

We walk out the back door to the patio that is micro topped to match the front sidewalk, steps, and front porch. The patio has chef designed outdoor kitchen made of “stone” with a “rock” countertop. Accent Curbz’s Jeff, is also a CIA trained professional chef. Jeff designed the outdoor kitchen and accent curb’s team hand carved the “stone veneer”. The countertop was cast and polished to match the indoor kitchen.

Continuing our tour, we walk out to the inground swimming pool. The swimming pool deck has a granite quartz coating that is very slip resistant and looks great. At the end of the pool is a huge cascading water fall made from “cliff rock”. Actually, that’s not cliff rock, that’s decorative concrete! Accent Curbz constructed the cliff rock style waterfall using a lightweight concrete panel system. The panels of concrete are made from molds of actual rocks and boulder. Behind the spa is a cliff rock wall using the decorative concrete veneer to compliment the waterfall.

As we walk through the backyard, I’m enticed to sit by the fire pit. The fire pit is no ordinary stacked block fire feature. This one looks like a extra large tree stump and has built in seating in a rock wall on one side and a log loveseat on the other side. Here is another example of decorative concrete! Accent Curbz team members are definitely concrete artisans! The tree stump fire pit, stone wall with built in seating and the log loveseat are all constructed on concrete. Won’t the termites and wood peckers be surprised?

Did you notice those wing walls and foundation walls? Probably not, because they compliment the home in color and have a plaster texture. Definitely, is a finishing touch to the appearance of the house.

Well, I’m sure there is much more to see. Decorative Concrete is everywhere, even where you least expect to find it! I have to go now, but we’ll visit again soon.

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