Creative Rock Forming

Accent Curbz fabricates character boulders and rocks from concrete and lighter weight GFRC.  Our artisans can form and carve the rocks or make panels from molds of natural stone.

Our creative rock forming has helped our clients achieve an array of solutions.  Our faux boulders have been used to hide tree stumps and septic tank inspection lids and pipes.  We have also created character boulders for a focal point in a flower bed.  One client even had us replace their swimming pool diving board with a faux rock ledge!

Speaking of water, we fabricate the rock work for our water falls. We can form boulders of any size.  Our boulders can be prefabricated or built on site.

Faux boulders are also a great choice subdivision and shopping center entry signage.

We have an abundance of beautiful natural rock in the Springfield and Branson Missouri area.  However, sometimes, an Accent Curbz artisan built rock is the better choice.  If you want to cover or conceal something, our lightweight GFRC rocks are ideal.  Our faux boulders may save you money because character boulders are generally sold by the ton.  Large natural boulders are more scarce and incur more expense in harvesting, transporting and replanting.  Heavy equipment is often required to place large natural boulders and accessibility to the rock’s resting place may be an issue.  We are able to build your rock work where you want it and color it for the stone effect your desiring.  Our rock sealers provide a natural sheen, not a glossy finish.


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