Concrete Resurfacing with Microtops

Unprotected concrete can spall, scale, crack, and stain; fortunately, unsightly concrete can also be restored and enhanced by concrete resurfacing with micro tops.

The appearance and integrity of your driveway,sidewalk and patio can be damaged by harsh winters. Water easily penetrates open (not sealed) pores of the concrete, then freezing and thawing contribute to spalling and cracking. The use of salt to deicers on your concrete surfaces and metal shovels or snow moving equipment damage the concrete.
Summer brings its own attacks on your unprotected concrete.

In the fall, the leaves fall, collecting on the concrete, staining it. Drinks spills and leaks from vehicles and equipment can stain unprotected concrete.

Other issues that affect the integrity and appearance of your concrete are the inappropriate slump of the concrete, a bad mix, improper screening / floating, and age.

Why do I keep reiterating “unprotected concrete”? How can concrete be protected? Maintaining a good sealer coat is a good start. Concrete resurfacing with a microtop coating is a beautiful and very durable solution.

Our Elite Crete microtop coatings are salt and deice product resistant even without sealer. The Elite Crete distributor is St. Louis has microtop concrete areas exposed to the elements that has beautifully withstood the salt applications year after year without sealer. Microtops are durable, perfect for driveways, patios and sidewalks. Yes, your teenagers can skateboard on them.

What is a microtop coating? Its a thin coating on top of the existing concrete that gives us a durable fresh canvas to color, texture and protect your concrete. Existing concrete areas, such as patios, can be extended with new concrete and coated with a microtop to create a cohesive finish as if the concrete was poured all at the same time.

Here is some before and after photos from our Facebook Concrete Resurfacing Album, This colored and stamped patio had scaled and delaminated. Accent Curbz Decorative Concrete Artisans restored this beautiful patio with an Elite Crete microtop coating.

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