Protect Your Investment with Concrete Resealing

Our Accent Curbz team can help you properly maintain the beauty of your concrete surfaces and protect your investment with resealing. Vehicle and foot traffic, chemicals, and weather can damage concrete and dull the beauty of its stamped and colored surface.  Concrete areas need to be maintained regularly just like the rest of your home. Cleaning and resealing can be compared to applying a protective wax to your automobile or Scotchguard to your upholstery.  Resealing helps protect against de-icing chemicals, water penetration with its freeze and thaw affects, and stains.  The seal also protects the color from UV exposure and restores its luster and finish to promote easier cleaning and extended wear.

Other advantages of properly maintaining the sealer on your patios, sidewalks, and driveways is to help prevent efflorescence, which is a white powdery residue that can form on the surface.  Efflorescence is a issue driven by water.  The sealer helps prevent surface water from penetrating the concrete slab.

Accent Curbz can also add “grip” to sealer to help prevent slippery areas and fall injuries.  We can also tint the sealer to add or enhance the color of your decorative concrete.

Sealers also help prevent staining.  Concrete can be potentially stained by leaves, dirt, chemicals, pet urine, and drinks.  Sealing is a cost effective way to reduce frustration and maintenance.

How often should concrete be resealed?  You know you’re sealer is still working if you see water bead up on the surface (similar to wax on your car).  Also, if you pour a glass of water on colored concrete and the color darkens, its time to reseal!

Sealers are available in gloss and matte, tinted or not, grip or no grip.  Our team of specialists is here to help you choose the appropriate sealer.






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