Continuous Concrete Edging Accent Curbz

What is accent curbz?  Accent Curbz is a permanent and attractive solution for edging flower beds, bordering landscape, and curbing driveways.  We simply call it accent curbz.  You may also hear  continuous concrete edging referred to as curbing, concrete borders, mow curb, or mow strip.


Constructed of concrete, accent curbz is durable and requires little maintenance.  We reinforce ALL of our continuous concrete edging, with AIRCRAFT CABLE.  The aircraft cable helps prevent separation from the freeze and thaw effect of four seasons here in the Ozarks.  Accent Curbz was the first to utilize aircraft cable reinforcement in curbing in the Ozarks.  If it doesn’t have aircraft cable, it isn’t accent curbz.

Accent Curbz won’t shift like bricks, rot like wood or rust like steel.  This makes Accent Curbz landscape edging a smart choice to border your landscape.

Accent Curbz is a beautiful way to compliment your home and landscaping.  Yes, concrete can be beautiful!  Our artisans mix the concrete on-site and add integral color of your choice.  That means the color is not surface only; the color is all the way through the curbing.

Then the concrete is extruded by machine in the desired profile shape.  Our finisher hand finishes the curbing.  Next, the lawn edging is stamped to achieve a stone, brick, or timber pattern.

To protect that beautiful color, clean and reseal concrete edging on a regular basis just like any other home maintenance.  We recommend resealing every two to three years.  If you wait longer, you may notice the color fade slightly.  Just like waxing your car, keep your color vibrant by resealing your continuous landscape borders.  If you would prefer not to “do it yourself”, call us.   We will clean and reseal it for you!




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