Ideal Basement Floor Finishes

Are you looking for the ideal basement floor finish or floor coating?  Is allergens, mold and mildew, and ease of care a concern?  Does your basement floor need to be both durable and beautiful?  Do you have unsightly concrete cracks?  Are you looking for a long term affordable basement floor covering solution?  Accent Curbz has the ideal basement floor coating systems to meet your budget.  Here are some reasons why decorative concrete basement floor finishes are the smart choice for your home.

Granted, the initial investment for your floor finish may exceed the cost of low-to-mid priced floor coverings such as wood laminates, carpet, and vinyl tile.  However, the life expectancy of your concrete basement floor finish will far surpass that of most other flooring covering options.

When compared with high-end floor coverings, such as marble, slate, and ceramic tile, decorative concrete floor finishes offer an economical alternative. Plus, our Accent Curbz certified installers can achieve the look of slate, stone, marble, tile, and hardwood floor but still have unlimited design versatility.

Concrete offers more decorative versatility than any other flooring material.  Our Accent Curbz artisans are trained and skilled in polished concrete floors, stampable and self-leveling overlays, chemical stains, and epoxy coatings.  We can even stencil a faux area rug or colorful border on your basement floor.

Do you have minor cracks in your basement floor?  We can embrace the crack, enhancing them with stain to create a rustic, old world fractured look.  If you rather not see the crack, our team can overlay your basement floor, repair and conceal the blemishes and create the basement floor finish you desire.

A decorative concrete floor finish is a durable basement flooring solution that can endure water exposure from occasional seepage into the basement after heavy rains or wet feet tracking in and out of the house.

Our basement floor finishes are very easy to care for and are low maintenance. Just sweep and damp mop as needed to keep your basement floor looking like new for many years.   Keep your basement floor protected with a good sealer to help your  concrete floor resist staining, chemicals, and abrasion.

Are decorative concrete floors slippery?  Our floor finishes are no more slippery than vinyl or ceramic tile.  Non slip additives can be added to the stain or sealer to provide additional traction.

Our basement floor finishes are a smart choice to alleviate allergen concerns.  Unlike carpet, resurfaced concrete doesn’t provide an environment conducive to dust mites, mold, mildew and other allergens.  Plus, there’s also no risk of chemical emissions, like there are from new carpeting.

Being GREEN Matters.  Accent Curbz is a certified Elite Crete installer.  Elite Crete is committed to producing green products and protecting our environment.  93% of all products Elite Crete manufactures are GREEN and environmentally safe. Elite Crete concrete floor finishes comply with VOC laws and provide safe, environmentally compliant solutions.

Let Accent Curbz decorative concrete artisans transform your basement into an inviting space for your family and friends.  We provide services in Southwest Missouri, including Springfield, Branson, and Joplin areas.

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